About Business Trends Galore


Business Trends Galore (BTG) is a Marketing, Communications, and Human Resources Development Consultancy with a mission to identify, recognize and promote innovative leaders who transform and impact society with continuity as a goal.

BTG is the main organizer of the Annual Business Trendsetters’ Forum which comprises of CEOs, Business Leaders, and entrepreneurs, both locally and international convening on social media groups since 2017.

BTG targets innovative minds that seek to set notable and commercially viable trends that accelerate creativity among young entrepreneurs and proper mentor-ship from recognized industry leaders that are legacy minded and established entrepreneurs.

The Annual Business Trendsetters’ forum is a continuation of the Business Trendsetters’ Cocktail that was launched on 17th January 2020 at Golden Tulip followed by 08th January 2021 at Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

In 2022 the event was launched on 9th March 2022 at SOLID ROCK LIFE AND BUSINESS OFFICES in Kitante, and the Finale was held at Sheraton Kampala Hotel on 6th April, under the theme: “Innovation Culture for Business Continuity” This year 2023, the event launch is to be hosted by ONOMO Hotel in Nakasero on 7th February while the Finale’ is slated for 27th April, at Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

The 2022 forum’s activities included capacity Building in Business Continuity and International health safety and environment certification, supported by GIZ, in addition to the virtual and physical discussions from Trends pace setters in UK and Egypt as together with local Trends exhibitions which were supported by partners and corporate participants including NSSF, CBS 88.8 and 89.2, URA, SRLB, Multilines, Olstar PR, Xtreme Arts, Charmar, HiPipo and GOODWORKS MCM.

Our Vision

To be an accelerator of innovative and impactful business trends, that transform enterprises into industry leaders, sustainably.

Our Mission

To bring together innovative entrepreneurs of diverse occupations to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth through strategic leadership, mentorship, networking as well as local and international recognition.

Our Team Members

Our Expertise Will Help You

Franklin Bouguep

Executive Director, Solid Rock Life and Business

Yvonne Mpanga

Executive Director & Business Development Consultant

Pepe Minambo

Managing Partner - Motivator Africa

Angella Muhumuza

Director, Service4Cus

Ms. Cynthia Mpanga

Marketing Corporate Affairs Manager

Innocent Kawooya

CEO, HiPipo

David Nalwebe

Creative Director, MoLM, BALib, PGD-M&E

Ivan N. Baliboola

PR & OD specialist